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A vibrant welcome at YMCA

A vibrant welcome at YMCA

When it was announced that a new YMCA complex was due to be opened by HRH Princess Anne, All Signs Bristol was tasked with the challenge of adding visual interest to the entrance, while also ensuring through-vision for those working inside. 

The Chris Bryant Centre is a cafe and multi-use training centre in a YMCA campus that includes accommodation for over 100 people. The site’s spectacular modern design has created an impressive architectural landmark in Erdington but the issue was, how could the entrance be made more welcoming?

When faced with this conundrum, All Signs selected Contra Vision Performance 20 percent transparency perforated window film as its material of choice, applying it to the building’s external entrance, and selecting the same bold coloursthat have been used in the YMCA’s corporate identity, which also enlivens the building’s striking architecture.The advantage of this material is that as well as ensuring through-vision for those working inside the building, it also offers a three-year durability too.


Kevin Willis, Business Development Manager at All Signs commented: “The YMCA brand is associated with community, care, service and fun and the use of Contra Vision Performance enabled us to create a strong visual message that properly reflects those values. As an added bonus, the material was easy to print and apply, an important consideration when working to tight deadlines, and furthermore, its durability will ensure that the entrance will remain vibrant and welcoming far beyond the official opening!”

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