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Walls in Worksop

Walls in Worksop


If anything even remotely related to chocolate has ever passed your lips, there’s a very high probability that it owed something to Cargill. The company has supplied a wide range of cocoa based products to manufacturers of quality chocolate products around the world for over one hundred fifty years. 

To help communicate the essence of Cargill and its mission, Lincoln-based Allen Signs was asked to provide a series of photomurals and wall-mounted infographics at the company’s facility in Worksop.

Cargill-Mural-3The designs, which were provided by Blue Fish Design and developed into print and application ready graphics by Allen Signs take the form of photo-murals that transform interiors where the immediacy of the image, is viewed at much closer quarters than images of similar format and are used to impart messages or establish ambience in unique ways. The digital dimension, with its offer of variable data at minimal extra cost also adds to the creative possibilities.

Because the applied images are in very close proximity to the observer, and to other examples drawn from the same design, both printing and application need to be of the highest

standards, as comparisons between adjacent panels are easily made and any differences would be easy to spot. Similarly, lack of inter-panel registration or application errors are also readily apparent. Thanks to Allen Signs’ expertise, the graphics stand the closest scrutiny and look sensational. Decor finds a new role – functional, commercial and very attractive.

Allen Signs used Metamark MD-TX on its HP Latex printer to produce the colourful graphics for Cargill. The Metamark product resolved the needed detail well and installation was much easier and less disruptive than traditional wall coverings thanks to the product’s pressure sensitive adhesive system.


The finished graphics exhibit fully saturated colour and are odour free and the whole installation has proved so successful that Cargill now plans to repeat the process at other locations around the world.

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