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W&Co introduces a LCD digital fabric totem

W&Co introduces a LCD digital fabric totem

 The brand new Freestanding LCD Digital Fabric Totem from W&Co seamlessly blends high quality, commercial grade digital signage screens with printed tension fabric graphics, to provide users with a versatile display medium.

Available in standard and custom sizes, it offers the option to feature a digital screen and printed fabric on either a single side or both sides, to suit the demands of individual requirements.

The printed fabric cover can be easily changed or updated whenever usage demands, while the content displayed on the digital screen can be provided directly via USB, or remotely, via Wi-Fi and LAN. All screens are USB and Wi-Fi enabled as standard, but can be further upgraded to LAN if required and can even be made into touch screens using a special interactive film.

In addition, the digital fabric totem can be used as a standalone display or combined with several totems that are butted up next to each other. As each display’s sturdy steel base extends the full width of the totem, this gives the impression of a larger display wall, thus further increasing its functionality.

It is suitable for use in a wide variety of different locations, including retail interiors, showrooms, exhibitions, hospitals, hotels and cinema foyers.

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