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Web-to-print made easy

Web-to-print made easy


Aimed at print companies that want to use web-to-print to extend their service offering and reach new business markets, Apogee StoreFront 2.1 brings a series of new features centered around the print buyer experience.

Support for personalised stores is one of the main new functions. With Apogee StoreFront users can now customise a store so that individual users only see those products and categories that they need. This is a powerful tool for setting up e-commerce stores for dealer or franchise channels, as well as for large corporations that operate across various countries or markets.

Version 2.1 also features support for Google Analytics, enabling sign and print companies to fine tune their stores by monitoring buyer behavior and conversion rates within a store, as well as the effectiveness of promotion campaigns on the web, social media or in print. For printer buyers there is a new order history search, which simplifies the reordering, correction and customising process.

All the features in Apogee StoreFront 2.1 are also available in Asanti StoreFront 2.1, thus enabling sign and display producers access to the same web-to-print interface with their customers. As cloud-based solutions, both Apogee StoreFront and Asanti StoreFront offer a fast and affordable entry into the web-to-print market. Tight integration with both the Apogee Prepress and Asanti production workflow systems saves user time and helps them avoid repetitive data entry.

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