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Whiskey Galore!

Whiskey Galore!


A new and interactive museum tracing the history of whiskey distilling in Ireland has opened its doors in the heart of Dublin’s fair city.  The Irish Whiskey Museum features a series of exhibitions as well as a whiskey tasting room for which a special LED display was required.

The Irish Pub Company and its architect, MJ Architecture commissioned light box display specialist W&Co Design Solutions to supply the 14metre-wide LED display feature for the wall of the whiskey tasting room. The designer’s brief was to supply LED light panels that would be easy to install, could be recessed behind shelving and would produce a warm amber colour that complemented the backlit whiskey bottles on the shelves.


As the wall to which the panels were to be mounted had a convex curve, the panels were manufactured in 12 1.2 metre-wide sections to fit the shape and the television screens and whiskey bottles that were placed on the shelves are now backlit by the diffused LED lighting panels. These were supplied with LED modules mounted to both long edges, together with a dimmable transformer that powers all of the panels simultaneously.

Sean Ryan, who is in charge of interior design at MJ Architecture, expressed his overall satisfaction with the success of the project and the extent to which it helped convey the intentions of the original design concept.

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