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William Smith unveils new group structure

William Smith unveils new group structure

William Smith has announced the creation of a new group structure to reflect its growing product portfolio.

The William Smith Group 1832, will now feature three divisional brands, including trade supplier of vinyl films, William Smith, trade sign manufacturers, Smith Sign & Display, and the recently launched Architextural, which supplies architectural and building-related films.

Explaining the rationale behind this change, Chris Bradley, Head of Marketing for the William Smith Group 1932, said: “Following a sustained period of growth and to reflect the dynamic nature of the markets in which we operate, we have taken the strategic decision to change the way our brands are presented. The creation ofa new group company structure provides us with the flexibility we need as we move into more diverse markets.

“We are fiercely proud of our 185 year experience and dedication to customer service, and we wanted to reflect this by adding the year we were founded to the new name. This change marks a high point in our history.”

Following the company’s significant growth over recent years, it is keen to continue improving its range of products and services for customers. The new legal structure was officially unveiled on Monday 3rd July, 2017, but customers won’t notice much difference, with the only visible change being on the company’s invoices, which will now bear the name William Smith Group 1832.

For further information on William Smith Group’s new brand structure, visit: contact Chris Bradley, Head of Marketing, on 01833 690305 or email

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