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A winning combination

A winning combination

As a company that has invested over £750k in the last 12 months, Runcorn-based PS2 Print has evolved from being a repro and design business to one that can fulfill virtually all print demands, following its entry into the wide-format print arena five years ago.

In fact, the company’s large format work has recently grown significantly, so much so, that last January, PS2 invested in an 8’ x 4’ OCE Arizona flatbed UV printer, which was swiftly followed by the installation of a DYSS X7 2616C flatbed CNC cutter from AG/CAD in April 2013.   Explaining the reasoning behind these two acquisitions, Director Simon Langford said: “Previously, we were using roll-fed printers to produce everything from exhibition displays and external graphics to POS, which wasn’t always efficient or cost effective, but once we had the OCE flatbed in place, we realised that w also needed the DYSS X7 if we were to become more competitive.”

He continued: “Before I started to research the available options, DYSS wasn’t a name that was on my radar, but as soon as I saw a demonstration of the machine and the software, I was sold on the complete package it offered.

Simon continued: ” Now, the DYSS is used daily to produce jigsaws, boxes, counter top displays and cut-out figures for use at exhibitions – all jobs we couldn’t previously accommodate.  It also enables us to trial new products and do in-store development work, thus helping us to expand our client-base and increase the volume of work we receive from our existing customers too.”

He added:  “Furthermore, in a price sensitive environment, the DYSS has significantly reduced the cost of many jobs, making us more competitive and thus more profitable, whilst also enabling us to provide a better service. For example, many of the jobs that we finish on the DYSS come direct from our roll fed printers and one regular batch of 100 banners, which used to take us two days to cut by hand, now takes just four hours!”

Whilst many of the company’s larger print runs are cut on a Heidelberg Cylinder, the DYSS copes perfectly with smaller runs, especially complex boxes and shapes. Recently PS2 produced 50 presentation folders and 100 bespoke boxboard cubes that were printed on the OCE and transferred straight to the DYSS, where they were creased and cut, thus significantly reducing the overall production cost.

The DYSS X7 incorporates three cutting heads that can accommodate routers, knives, creasing tools and kiss cut tools, which can be programmed for each job and material type. In addition, the easy tool levelling system calibrates tool height offsets automatically to reduce operator input. This system works in synergy with the K-Cut Vision System that records distortions that are commonplace in most print and media jobs and calculates optimised cutting paths to deliver precise cutting and to reduce waste.

In order to fully illustrate the efficacy of these features, Simon described how they have enabled PS2 to take on work that it couldn’t have previously considered.  He said: “We have a frequent print run of 200 posters that we roll-print on the Océ overnight, which are then transferred to the DYSS, which also has a roll feeding set-up. The K-Cut Vision System automatically calibrates the cutting path and guarantees 100 percent accuracy, resulting in fewer errors and less wastage. What’s more it only takes an hour to complete the work!”

From a profitability perspective, Simon believes the DYSS will deliver a return on investment period of 12 months as previously, the company was outsourcing £30,000 worth of cutting work that has now been brought in-house, a move that, as well as improving both its productivity and profitability, also enables it to offer faster lead times.

Supporting this ability to react to customers is the KASEMAKE software. Simon continues: “With KASEMAKE we can design and display our products within a virtual in-store environment for customers to view, something that has definitely helped us to win work. It also offers hundreds of templates for boxes, folders, displays and all types of shapes that can be easily manipulated to suit our precise needs. This has reduced the both the time taken to deliver a concept to the customer and, and to produce it following approval.

Highlighting how the DYSS has improved the throughput of work at PS2 Print, Simon concludes: ” It has been a revelation! Not only can we cut, crease and bend forms, we can also cut acrylic, Di-Bond, boxboard, Foamex and other materials in thicknesses beyond 10mm, that we couldn’t have accurately processed by hand. We are also very impressed by the level of technical expertise and support provided by AGCAD.  As far as we are concerned the DYSS and OCE Arizona combination is a winning one that will help us to further grow our business!

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