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Would you like that wrapped?

Would you like that wrapped?


It’s been said often enough that wrapping, as a medium, is really only limited in its application by the extent of the imagination. A point that’s underscored by a novel wrap produce for Willow Catering by Gloucester based Severn Signs.

Severn Signs has been in business since 1990 and has always invested in state-of-the art technology to help it push its own creative boundaries and to better serve the needs of the diversified clientele it serves. The company is one of the largest independent sign and display manufacturer in Gloucestershire and it’s clients are drawn from both its local catchment and nationwide.

In response to a recent brief from Willow Catering, Severn Signs’ Trevina Watts designed a jaunty livery using a beach hut theme for the company’s mobile catering unit. Despite what the eye might fool the brain into believing, most of the design is printed and the subtle shades and tones in the finished result create a convincing impression of physical construction, detail and depth where there actually is none. MetaWrap MD-X was used for the parts of the wrap where surfaces were challenging and Metamark MD5 features on the flat panel work. Despite using two media, colour matching is flawless and application highly skilled.  The materials used are from the Metamark MD-Class portfolio and therefore expressly designed for digital print. The media deliver consistent results across batches and within rolls.

The fascia panel above the printed elements of the wrap, which also features lettering crafted from mirror-finished Alcubond, alerts the public to the fact that it’s actually an enterprise selling fish and chips rather than a row of beach huts, but the sign’s background matter is printed to the same high standard as the body of the wrap.

The overall effect is highly attractive and clearly achieves a high impact for the business it represents. More than that though, the highly informed design evokes days at the seaside, summer sun and, of course, a raging appetite for a large portion of cod and chips – plenty of vinegar please!

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