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YPS launches the Your Print Institute

YPS launches the Your Print Institute

The YPS Your Print Institute is an initiative designed to help sign and print companies designers, creatives and crafters gain the skills that will enable them to harness their talents and help them to produce saleable products. It will bring together communities of creative individuals through local resource centres that will facilitate and support digital printing.

This arguably makes YPS the first supplier in the digital printing sector to provide comprehensive vocational training that will enable members to design, print and manufacture saleable products. As part of the launch of Your Print Institute, YPS has also recently launched the Business in a Box solution, which can be designed to suit customers’ specific needs, but generally comprises an Epson SC-F500 printer, heat press, sewing machine and starter pack of consumables priced at just £2,250 plus VAT.

Your Print Institute provides a unique opportunity for everyone active in the industry, whether they are technical and application experts, manufacturers or suppliers, to come together with end-users, home-workers and students to share knowledge, experience and expertise.

It will offer training courses, workshops and vocational education to help novices learn more about important developing technologies and how they can be used to enhance both career and business opportunities.

Georgia Brown Sales Director of YPS said: “We think it is vitally important to help creatives entering our industry to access the information they need to enable them to make the most informed choices and to acquire the skills they will need to succeed. We are bringing together all of the leading players in many areas of digital printing technology, including textiles and upholstery, giftware, crafting, signage, fine art reproductions, and high-end photography to help inspire our students and to encourage them to embark on digital printing projects with confidence.”

She continued: “In recent years, the digital print revolution has created a skills gap and the Your Print Institute seeks to fill it and help to create employment opportunities, using our own knowledge and experience, together with that of industry ambassadors to help facilitate the creation of new revenue streams.”

Each Your Print Institute offers a range of training courses that are designed to meet the needs of those wishing to maximise the benefits of digital printing. Georgia explained: “We are working hard to ensure the first YPI location in Newcastle meets all the safety and social distancing requirements relating to COVID-19. When appropriate, we will be able to run training courses, demonstrations and workshops from here. Other Institutes will soon be opening at Manchester and London, with further locations already in the pipeline.”

YPS is aiming to run courses across a broad section of equipment, markets and skills, including an introductory Epson dye-sublimation printing course, a solvent large format print and cut course, a wallpaper print and design course, a UV print and promotional product course, a printer maintenance training course, a colour management training course, an upholstery course and a soft furnishing and sewing course.

These entry-level courses will introduce students to the basic requirements of software and digital printing, including housekeeping and printer maintenance. All course fees are redeemable against any future purchase.

Georgia concluded: “ “We want to make sure our new students learn all of the skills required to help ensure their future success and profitability. We want to play a full and active part in the creative community and make YPS the industry’s ‘go to’ learning partner.”

 The Your Print Institute is open now. For further information, telephone 0191 256 6889 or e-mail:

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