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Zünd introduces new DLC-coated routers bits

Zünd introduces new DLC-coated routers bits

Zünd has introduced new, DLC-coated router bits, featuring a coating that reduces friction and increases wear resistance, thus delivering very high-quality results as well as better performance and cost efficiency. The new router bits are especially beneficial in routing applications involving aluminium, aluminium composites, wood, and PVC.

Friction and wear during the routing process substantially affect the quality of cut parts, routing performance, and longevity of bits, but the addition of thin-film coating is one of the most effective ways to achieve significant improvements in performance and productivity. Innovative DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating permits greater processing speeds and cutting depths, while also reducing the number of passes and significantly increasing routing productivity. Up to 4mm thick aluminium composites can be processed in a single pass, at speeds of up to 11 m/36 ft per min. In many cases, a finishing pass becomes unnecessary, which further reduces production time.

Because of the resulting smooth, durable surfaces it creates, a thin-film coating reduces friction, provides excellent wear resistance, and more than doubles the life of the bit. The same properties also help prevent material build-up on the bit when processing acrylic or aluminium. Reduced drag forces on the material permit routing of more detailed contours, and even smaller parts can be routed without the need for bridges to hold them in place.

Smoother surfaces also diminish the amount of heat generated during routing, which eliminates the need for cooling or lubrication. Both aluminium and aluminium-composite panels can be dry routed when using these bits, which facilitates handling and leaves both the cut pieces and the working area clean and dry.

The new bits are optimised for use with Zünd routing spindles and are available in diameters from 2 to 6mm and for routing depths up to 22 mm/.87 in. They are also available with stop ring, which makes them suitable for use with the automatic tool changer ARC.

For further information about Zünd systems, email: or Tel: 01727 833003

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