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Pure Digital, Building Holland and BNO join forces

Pure Digital, Building Holland and BNO join forces

Pure Digital, the exhibition designed to connect the power of digital printing with the creative industries, which will take place at the RAI in Amsterdam on 17th-19th April,has entered into a collaboration with Building Holland, the leading trade fair for the construction and architecture market in the Benelux region, and with BNO, the most prominent association and community in Dutch Design. 

This triumvirate underlines the importance of creativity in the growth process from vision to reality for digital print and design for interior decor and other applications. Pure Digital will provide visitors and exhibitors with a uniquely immersive experience where creative vision, technical expertise and practical applications come to life.

Results from recent research, conducted by Pure Digital, proved that the biggest barrier to growth for digital printing is the continued gap between the printing and creative industries.  To help to solve this problem, Pure Digital will provide a bridge between the creative and printing sectors.

Frazer Chesterman, Co-Founder of FM Brooks explained: “Traditional print shows tend to focus on one thing, selling machines. Until now, none have really tackled the biggest issue in print, which is how to inspire creatives and designers. Personalisation is a fundamental consumer and business trend that is not just confined to home décor, but is also a reality in retail, hospitality, leisure and work environments. That is why we want to create a platform where exhibitors and visitors can come together and understand and embrace the full potential of digital printing.”

 To help achieve this, Pure Digital will bring together the best of the best in one location, including major printer manufacturers, such as HP and Durst, architects, interior and production designers, creative directors and designers within the packaging and commercial printing sectors, and sign and print companies.

All attendees will also be able to access a series of keynote presentations from inspiring designers and creatives and entry to Building Holland, the co-located show that focuses on architectural concepts, construction, finishing and personalisation.

Freek Kroesbergen, Communications Manager of BNO, commented: “BNO is the leading Dutch community of designers, ranging from brand and corporate design to packaging design, and from retail design to interior design. Through this co-operation with Pure Digital we can help our members and the wider creative industry realise a new perspective faster. The exhibitors at Pure Digital will show how digital printing technology can stimulate creativity and provide the tools to create unique experiences and designs that make a difference.”

 Richard Klein, Managing Director, Building Holland, added: “We are happy that the Building Holland Exhibition and Pure Digital is collaborating by having our events so close together – this makes sense because the attendance for both shows is mutually beneficial. Building Holland is now established as the premier event in the Benelux region for construction and architecture, and there is an interest in the possibilities of digital printing for décor. I think that both events are set to gain value from the other.”

 Further information on ticket registration and the content programme (free admission for both) will be disclosed shortly.

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