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3M has vision

3M has vision

LED-based signage and display solutions can be greatly enhanced with the use of materials which have been developed to optimise LED technology and which similarly offer a significant sustainable edge.

3M has introduced its range of Envision products that includes the 3730 series of PVC-free Translucent and Diffuser films specifically engineered for use with LED-based systems.

Envision is rightly described as an industry breakthrough, allowing sign and display producers to achieve maximum brightness using LED technology whilst requiring fewer light sources. As a consequence, maintenance, power consumption and overall running costs are considerably reduced by as much as 40 per cent, whilst visual definition and brightness have been commensurately increased.

The Diffuser Films are available with two levels of brightness (50 and 60 per cent) to manage sign and graphics illumination more efficiently. The Translucent Films are available in both standard and customised colours and in an inkjet-printable format.

Whilst optimised for LED lighting solutions, both films can be used with conventional fluorescent lighting systems.

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