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A clear winner

A clear winner

Lintec’s E-2200ZC optically clear film played a key role in the realisation of an interior décor project by Signbox, the award-winning signage specialist with thirty years’ industry experience. The installation involved a host of eye-catching environmental graphics within the London office of a leading global management consultant and professional services firm.

Based in Egham, UK, Signbox consistently delivers high quality visual communication strategies via traditional and pioneering signage methods across a number of market sectors, such as corporate, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and leisure.

“Our team comprises some of the industry’s finest designers, project managers, and installation professionals,” observed Mark Bartlett, Managing Director at Signbox. “We like to apply a conceptual, holistic approach to signage and we’re consistently recognised for our achievements on world-class projects.”

Mark saw an opportunity to grow his company’s corporate signage portfolio further when one of the world’s leading management consultant and professional services firms enlisted Signbox’s services for a decorative makeover. Serving clients in more than 120 countries across 40 industries, the firm’s London office occupies three floors of the landmark Plantation Place office development in the City of London.

Mark continued: “This was an active, largely open-plan workspace, so floor level directories, secondary wayfinding, room numerals and glass manifestations were all key to enhancing the office environment.


“Of note were three sports-themed meeting room suites, where glazed walls and stunning digitally printed supergraphics had to be incorporated into the décor scheme.”

For delivering these standout graphics and manifestations, Signbox decided to employ Lintec’s E-2200ZC optically clear film.

A highly transparent polyester film designed for UV curable inkjet printers, E-2200ZC is the ideal choice for indoor applications and was particularly suited for Signbox’s window decoration needs, ensuring that the highest quality images could be reproduced on the substrate.

With a thickness of 50 micron, E-2200ZC’s scratch-resistant properties also proved to be a draw for Signbox. In an environment where knocks and abrasions would likely be sustained over long periods of time, the substrate needed to guarantee a level of durability that other films might not be able to match, while also preserving print quality and maintaining perfect see-through vision in the unprinted areas.

“We have a long-standing working relationship with Lintec that goes back ten years and we have used the same film for a number of projects, so we had no doubt that the product would deliver” commented Mark. “We ordered approximately 200 sq. m of material, which allowed us to produce 120 linear metres of graphics across 20 meeting rooms. Thanks to Lintec’s film, we were able to produce a range of graphics that conveyed maximum visual impact and helped enhance the office location.”

He concluded: “The project is a superb example of how a compelling design scheme and innovative materials and technologies can transform a tired and overfamiliar space into a highly motivational working environment. The role that Lintec’s film played in achieving this result is invaluable.”

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