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A collaborative connection

A collaborative connection

The Key Stage 3 pupils at Milton Keynes Academy participated in an art project run by MK Gallery, entitled Frontline, part of the Arts & Heritage Alliance MK’s ‘Great War MK’ project marking the centenary of World War One. 

As part of the project, MK Gallery’s Associate Artists,Teresa Paiva and Alicja Rogalska, worked closely with four local secondary schools, including the Milton Keynes Academy andthe Hazeley, Oakgrove and Lord Grey Schools to help them explore how artists have depicted and interpreted war using the visual arts.

MK-Academy_Jul15_25_sdoAlicja Rogalska ran a series of workshops to help the students  explore their thoughts and ideas. The main source of inspiration for their artwork came from their visit to the Imperial War Museum in London, following which theymade objects that were associated with war,  including  paper airplanes, guns and ‘pom bombs’ from soft materials

Their final idea was to create a design for a 12.7m x 6.6m banner, featuring a stylised paper plane and text ideas that were generated during a brainstorming session, to be draped across the exterior of the MK Academy. The final design was printed onto MK Academy post cards that were displayed as part of the Frontline exhibition that took place at MK Gallery during June.

Thanks to sponsorship from Signarama Milton Keynes, and GESS, a leading UK banner and sign installer, the Key Stage 3 students saw their striking design realised as a large-scale banner on the façade of MK Academy.  Signarama provided the artwork, and liaised during the outputting process, while the banner, which was printed onto mesh, was installed by a team from GESS, onto the front of the academy building.  The eye-catching banner makes a real impact and the installation coincided with MK Academy’s own Arts Festival.

Dara Carroll, the Principal of MK Academy said: “We are extremely grateful to both GESS and Signarama Milton Keynes for all their help and support in making this project a reality.  The team at GESS worked tirelessly over a very hot Saturday to install the banner, while Signarama Milton Keynes assisted with the preparation of print ready artwork to ensure it was printed in time for installation.”

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