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An AAG Waterjet cutting system proves to be a game changer

An AAG Waterjet cutting system proves to be a game changer
North Yorkshire-based Lionweld Group is the latest company to install a WARDJet waterjet cutting system supplied by AAG (AXYZ Automation Group).

To broaden its range of routing/cutting solutions and to enable companies to benefit from increased automation in the workplace, AAG’s parent company in Canada earlier acquired the North America-based WARDJet, a leading specialist in waterjet cutting technology.

The waterjet machine now installed at Lionweld Group is the X-2040, one of three different-sized models in the X-Series of large-format solutions. In common with the other two options, the X-2040 provides a maximum cutting speed of 20 metres/minute. It also incorporates additional design features, such as a special processing height sensor, a 400lb (181. 437kg) continuous abrasive feed hopper and a 60,000psi intensifier pump. Other optional machine enhancements include a water level control system, a cutting table enclosure to eliminate splashback and reduce machine noise and the recently launched Apex-60 five-axis cutting head for radically improved 3D performance. The X-2040 is powered by WARDCAM design and production software supplied as part of a package by AAG.

The X-2040 was purchased in order to provide a much higher performance capability to that of an existing waterjet machine installed at another facility and to enable the completion of a major contract faster and in a more cost-effective way that would otherwise not have been possible. Engineering Manager at Lionweld Group, Richard Hookway commented: “Prior to installation of the X-2040, the work undertaken would have needed to be carried out manually by two engineers over a period of two weeks. With the X-2040 machine and its higher performance capabilities, the same work was completed in less than a day and required only a single machine operator.”

Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, the X-2040 will handle an equally diverse range of materials that traditional CNC routing/cutting systems cannot handle. Typically, these include stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, various alloys such as brass and bronze, stone, marble, foam, glass and fibreglass, most of which are specified for high-end design-driven corporate ID signage projects.

For further information, contact Jack Lane at AAG (Email: or telephone 01952 291600.

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