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Applelec leads a light revolution

Applelec leads a light revolution

Applelec has launched the next generation of LED Light Sheet in the form of its 20 percent brighter Series 2 panels, which as the name suggests, achieves a magnificent 20 percent increase in brightness for both standard and high brightness panels. 

Furthermore, due to advances in LED technology, Series 2 LED Light Sheet achieves this increased brightness without compromising the energy efficiency of the panels. Indeed, tests carried out on 300mm square, cool white panels showed a minute increase of just 0.12W, in both the standard and high brightness units, when comparison to their Series 1 counterparts.

Commenting on the launch, Ian Drinkwater, Applelec’s Managing Director said: ‘Despite its increased brightness these advanced LED Light Sheet panels are available at the same price as their predecessors and carry a three year warranty.’

In addition to the impressive increase in brightness, Series 2 LED Strips feature a wider chip platform that reduces the dark areas to the side of each illuminated chip, thus further enhancing the performance of Series 2 LED Light Sheet.

The next generation panels are now being used in all Applelec’s LED Light Sheet fabricated signage, including projecting, totem and fascia signs, where it eliminates the need for a built-up metal back tray, which would normally house fluorescent tubes, to reduce both material cost and tray bulkiness. Mounted directly behind an acrylic backing-sheet, then fixed to the wall with top and bottom aluminium angle fixing rails, LED Light Sheet reduces tray depth from 100mm to 30mm.

Manufactured in purpose-built antistatic rooms, with each LED Light Sheet unit created to customer specification, Series 2 panels provide a direct upgrade to the outgoing panels.

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