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Art and culture on a grand scale

Art and culture on a grand scale

Earlier this year, a special exhibition entitled the ‘Golden Century’ of Dutch art and culture opened at the ‘Grote Kerk’ (Big Church) in The Hague, the highlight of which is a perfect reproduction of the famous Orange Hall that has been digitally printed onto HEYtex soft blueback media by Van Iwaarden Artwork.

The 17th century is regarded as the Golden Century in the Netherlands, as it was a time when the country’s colonies helped it to generate great wealth, which in turn, helped fund a renaissance in art and culture. Accordingly, the exhibition was dedicated to depicting this significant heritage.

The original Orange Hall, which was built around 1650 at the Paleis Huis ten Bosch and is the residence of the Dutch Kings and Queens, featured wall paintings created by all major Dutch painters of that age, as well as magnificent ceiling arches and vaults.  It is thus rightly regarded as one of the outstanding buildings of its time.

heytex2The project, which was commissioned by the Dutch municipality of Barneveld, took several weeks to complete.  Firstly, Van Iwaarden Artwork had to create the complete hall using 13-year-old photos and some new pictures.  Once it was satisfied that the replica was accurate in every detail, with matching colours and the right perspective, the printing began!  Once completed the prints had to be mounted onto frames so that some of the finer details could be painted manually; it is this combination of modern and traditional processes that gives the project much its unique quality and harm.

Following comprehensive tests with many different media, print systems and ink technologies, Van Iwaarden, in direct collaboration with the exhibition managers, decided to use the combination of UV and latex printing on the new HEYTex soft blueback media.

This indoor banner material, which is up to 5m wide, was originally launched at the end of last year and features a blue back that facilitates the reproduction of a brilliant white, something that was not previously possible, while also providing for excellent colour reproduction. The elegant, matt stamped surface, with its light textile structure, adds an exquisite subtlety to the finished output and with a tear resistance of 1500/1200 N/5cm, plus a high degree of scratch resistance and dimensional stability, thus the product’s aesthetic advantages are combined with a high degree of durability and robustness.

Commenting on the project, Jan Van Iwaarden observed: “With its even and fine surface and the incredibly brilliant colour reproduction, which eliminated any unwanted shadowing and reflections, the HEYtex media achieved by far the best test results. And, although it is true that the subsequent realisation of the printing was far from easy, the overall result was highly appreciated by all the parties involved”,

He went on to point out that the high stress resistance of the banner material really helped when placing it onto the large 7.5m x 7.5m frames. All in all, about 1,000 square metres were used to complete the project.

Queen Beatrice opened the exhibition at the ‘Grote Kerk’, when she was heard to remark that the replica was even more beautiful than the original Orange Hall!

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