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AXYZ introduces upgraded panel building solution

AXYZ introduces upgraded panel building solution

Leading supplier of CNC machining solutions, AXYZ Automation Group has redesigned and upgraded its well-known three-in-one AXYZ PANELBuilder machine. It is used primarily for the processing of plate aluminium and aluminium composites (ACM) used in large-format signage.

The system has evolved following extensive field research and interactive product testing with specialist panel fabricators. It incorporates a specially configured triple Z tooling arrangement complete with three five horsepower routing spindles and dedicated software. PANELBuilder and can be used to simultaneously groove, drill and profile-cut multiple sheets of material up to eight by two-metres in size to accommodate either special one-off or high-volume requirements.

Key new design features include a highly innovative panel tracking system fitted with an automated label printer (ALP) to quickly identify, via data matrix codes and a cordless barcode reader, individual panels as they are processed. The specially designed dedicated software is supplied loaded with numerous panel designs to help, in particular, small start-up companies. The software is fully compatible with and will further enhance other software programs used for similar panel applications.

Additional design features include a powerful vacuum-based material hold-down facility, an automatic mister/coolant device and pop-up location pins for optimum material alignment. Material waste generated by the machining process is safely removed via a chip extraction system with an integrated automatic vacuum extraction manifold.

Full on-site training and ongoing technical support are available via the team of specialist AXYZ engineers.

For further information, visit or telephone 01952 291600

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