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AXYZ launches new machine trade-in programme

AXYZ launches new machine trade-in programme

Following the success of its Pacer machine trade-in programme, AXYZ Automation Group is to launch a new initiative that will have a much broader appeal to potential purchasers of AXYZ CNC routers.

In addition to AXYZ and Pacer machines used as trade-ins, this latest programme will now extend to any other make of machine from a third-party supplier, regardless of type and country of origin.

Significantly the trade-in programme, with its enticing trade-in allowance of up to £7,500, is also available to smaller companies wishing to replace a router that had failed to perform to the required and promised standard. Such machines are invariably purchased on the basis of price alone from suppliers that have limited resources and frequently change product lines to reduce their own costs. This often leaves buyers with unsupported equipment and no immediate access to essential spare parts and accessories or reliable ongoing technical support. Invariably, this has resulted in sub-standard and unacceptable output, dissatisfied customers and the potential for a huge financial loss.

Apart from the financial attraction of the generous trade-in discount, owners of new AXYZ routers will benefit from a raft of production enhancements. Typically, these will include much higher feed rates, smoother motion for optimum material edge finish, a much wider choice of routing/cutting heads and accessories, improved material hold-down capability for greater accuracy and fully integrated dust extraction and workplace safety systems. Collectively, these will enable much higher levels of productivity, radically reduced material wastage, a longer than normal machine life, enhanced customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Purchasers of any new AXYZ router will also have shared access to a wide range of both standard and optional machine tool enhancements. These include an expanded (up to 33 stations) ATC (Automatic Tool Change) and the latest AXYZ Auto Zone Management system for optimum material hold-down efficiency.

These are supplemented with the latest A2MC machine controller that greatly reduces or eliminates ‘bounce’ and vibration caused by sudden acceleration/deceleration frequently experienced with less technically advanced systems and the integrated AVS (AXYZ Vision System) that provides greatly improved routing/cutting accuracy. Completing the options available is the latest helical rack and pinion drive system incorporating a multiple gear teeth configuration. This enables more even distribution of the workload, faster throughput rates, reduced material wastage, quieter operation and ultimately a longer than normal machine life.

For further information, visit: or telephone 01952 291600.

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