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AXYZ Open House assists customers’ future growth

AXYZ Open House assists customers’ future growth

The latest Open House event organised by the reconstituted AXYZ Automation Group attracted a large number of existing and potential new customers from a wide cross-section of industry, including primarily the woodworking, furniture production, panel processing and sign manufacturing sectors.

Companies were able to evaluate the new Infinite CNC router and the latest A-0612 addition to the AXYZ waterjet cutting machine range, while Senior AXYZ management personnel and technical application specialists were in attendance to explain the capabilities of both machines and how they could help propel future business growth and greater market diversification for customers.

The AXYZ Infinite multi-purpose CNC router is built on the legacy of previous AXYZ machines in terms or outstanding build quality, reliability and increased productivity. With a fresh design concept and a number of standard and optional machine enhancements, it claims to have set a new performance benchmark for its class of machine.

Key design attributes include the familiar heavy-duty solid steel frame construction to accommodate the most vigorous machine operation likely to be encountered and a new carriage design that greatly simplifies and speeds up routine machine maintenance. The Infinite can be configured with a choice of single, dual and triple routing/cutting heads and provides a generous processing area of 3,251mm (width) by 15.24 metres in length. There is also a more efficient dust extraction system that eliminates clogging of the machine to keep downtime to an absolute minimum, together with a new misting system to enable improved machine cooling and lubricating functions.

If required, the Infinite is supplied with the latest VCarve Pro and/or Aspire design and production software to enable 2D and more complex 3D routing/cutting applications.

The new A-0612 waterjet cutting machine is a smaller version of the larger X-Series, offering similar performance capabilities but at a lower cost to meet a market requirement for which hitherto there were limited options. With a 213 x 124cm footprint, it will meet the requirements of any small engineering shop or machining centre used to process a wide range of materials that traditional CNC routing/cutting machines cannot effectively handle. Typically, these include materials as diverse as stainless steel, cast and wrought iron, various alloys, marble, stone, glass, fibreglass and solid and reinforced rubber.

A key attribute of the A-0612 is that whilst similarly positioned waterjet machines operate at pressures ranging from 30,000 up to 45,000psi the A-0612 will operate at 60,000psi, thus equalling the performance of much larger machines but at a lower cost. The machine is supported by dedicated Move motion control software to maximise performance.

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