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AXYZ router cuts CNC machining costs

AXYZ router cuts CNC machining costs


An AXYZ 6010 twin head router supplied by AXYZ International has provided Surrey-based Steel the Scene with a very cost-effective solution to its CNC machining requirements by enabling the company to meet all of these in-house where hitherto they had to be outsourced.

Adding to this cost efficiency is the fact that the router was one of the many high-quality second-hand machines that AXYZ International can now supply and maintain at a particularly appealing price to companies not wishing to commit to investment in new machinery, either for budgetary or production level requirement considerations.

Steel the Scene uses the AXYZ router for machining components used primarily for scenic solutions it provides to high-profile clients in the theatrical, TV studio, outdoor events, corporate and retail sectors as well as for signage and product prototyping. The components are invariably panel parts based on wood and aluminium or plastic fixtures that have to be of a particularly high standard and delivered within a tight time frame. One of the three managing partners at the company, Barry Ashwick commented: “Prior to purchasing the router, we were outsourcing CNC machining at some expense and with the usual variables. As these machining requirements escalated to meet increased levels of business, it was decided to bring them in-house, enabling immediate savings in production costs, a faster response capability and minimal turnaround times to the obvious satisfaction of our customers.”

The AXYZ 6010 router now installed has a three by two-metre processing table and offers the ability to handle a wide variety of materials. These include solid woods, plywood, MDF, aluminium composite sheet, laminates and plastics. The router is one of the AXYZ 6000 series renowned for their robust construction, speed of production and ultimate precision. They are supplied as standard with a host of machining enhancements that includes the latest A2MC controller for optimum smooth machine motion, a high-precision helical rack and pinion system for exceptional machining accuracy, automatic machine squaring and direct-drive servomotors. Optional enhancements include a 21-station ATC (Automatic Tool Change) facility to accommodate multiple cutting tool requirements and AVS (AXYZ Vision System), compatible with all of the cutting tools used on AXYZ routers, for unparalleled material alignment and cutting.

On the service provided by AXYZ International, Barry Ashwick concluded: “We were impressed by the all-round service, by the care demonstrated during the installation process and by the ongoing customer support. Collectively, these reassured us that we had chosen the right supplier for our CNC machining requirements.”


For further information on both new and used AXYZ routers, visit or telephone 01902 375600.

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