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Birds and blooms!

Birds and blooms!

As part of a £150 million investment at its Tutbury factory, Nestle created a living wall, which attractively screens the site with thousands of growing plants, while also providing the perfect backdrop for the impressive floating sign constructed by Harrisons Signs, with advice and support from Applelec.

Comprising built-up letters and Nestle’s instantly recognisable bird’s nest logo in mirror-polished stainless steel, the sign was the simplest element in the project’s delivery. Despite being just over 1.75M in height and with fully fabricated back-trays, it had to ‘float‘, on a wall built with plants, without any visible fixings.  Furthermore, since the basic wall structure, which resembles a giant Connect-Four grid, was already in construction when planning for the signage began, the support system for the letters had to be designed around what was already in place.

Harrisons Signs devised an H-section frame system, placing it directly behind the wall’s grid, which was itself designed to accommodate hundreds of 400mm square foliate planters. 32 letter-fixing arms, which provide 100mm clearance from the living wall, in order to facilitate plant maintenance, were then added.  Each arm is screwed into the H-section framework with a threaded rod welded to one end, while a fixing flange on the opposite end attaches to the letters’ back tray, to provide suitably solid support.

The final result is stunning, yet logic-defying, signage that gently reclines on a leafy green background.


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