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A bonding experience

A bonding experience

The continuing quest by signmakers for lighter, thinner, ‘greener’ and ultimately cheaper materials has driven the research and development of key products at adhesives and bonding specialist Innova Solutions.

One of the UK’s foremost corporate sign manufacturers, Sign 2000 is a prolific user of Innova’s products that have featured prominently in a number of major high profile re-branding projects undertaken on behalf of some of the most instantly recognisable brands.

A typical example of the innovative products developed by Innova Solutions and its key partners in the sign industry has been the NovaBond XS range of adhesives. These have met the special bonding requirements of powder coating and paint systems and the wider use of recycled substrates. Collectively, these can exhibit very low and often inconsistent surface energies that make them difficult to bond and the adoption of NovaBond XS has effectively resolved the problem.

Another noteworthy development at Innova Solutions has been the NovaBond OP range. This is a group of selective products designed to deliver optimum performance on applications where ultimate bond strength is not critical and where price is a motivating factor.

Other key products include NovaBond SignFix high-strength bonding tapes, NovaBond SG and Novafix high-performance double-sided tapes, NovaWeld structural adhesives, NovaLok re-closable fastening systems, NovaMag adhesive and non-adhesive media and NovaHead alternative mechanical fasteners. All of these products can be used successfully on a wide range of commonly used sign substrates, including steel, aluminium, glass, acrylic and composite materials.

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