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Bradford City AFC upgrades stadium interiors with Kavalan

Bradford City AFC upgrades stadium interiors with Kavalan
Bradford City AFC has upgraded the interior of its stadium with the installation of nine giant-sized wall murals depicting past players and key moments in the club’s history.

The murals, measuring between three to 11 metres in width and 2.5 to three metres in length, which were printed on Gecko Greyback PVC-free Kavalan from CMYUK, were designed and printed by Leading Edge Signage and Graphics based in Liversedge, West Yorkshire. The digital print house worked directly with the football club to update the client-facing areas of the Utilita Energy Stadium that included corridors, conference and hospitality suites.

“We like to lead by example, and we know that the onus now is on everyone being kinder to the planet. When it came to picking the material for the job, we not only wanted to produce something that was not only aesthetically pleasing but eco-friendly too,” explained Matthew Evans, Managing Director at Leading Edge.

Bradford City AFC wanted to pay homage to the club’s past but in a contemporary way, using a selection of photographic images from its archives, many of which were small, grainy and poor quality. Unfortunately, the only original photograph that could be super-sized effectively was a black and white historical shot of the ground, thus

Leading Edge graphic designers had to devise a clever strategy for handling the rest of the coloured photos dating back to the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Matthew Evans continued: “We just couldn’t blow them up and retain any quality, so we applied a stylised treatment to the images. They were enlarged and any obvious blemishes were covered up, then run through a series of filters that were blended together. This worked really well, capturing the Club’s history but in a modern way. The style is a blend of geometric backgrounds with a painted style – bringing together both the old and the new.”

Initially, Leading Edge Signage and Graphics produced eight murals but the club liked them so much, it requested another. In all, 180sq.m of PVC-free Kavalan was used. PVC-free Kavalan, which is up to 50 percent lighter than traditional PVC, comes in 3.2 and five-metre wide rolls, allowing murals to be installed as single-piece wallcoverings, making installation far quicker and easier.

 In common with many other digital print providers, Leading Edge Signage and Graphics is very conscious of the fact that the sign industry has historically been heavily biased in the use of plastics and metals.

“We believe,” opined Matthew, “that everyone can do better to help the environment. So, we’re constantly on the lookout for new materials that can offer the same results, more sustainably.

The company began evaluating PVC-free Kavalan back in 2020, only using it for job rollouts once it was satisfied that the material conformed to the requisite longevity and durability requirements. Happily, the brief and scope of the Bradford City AFC project offered the opportunity to test its efficacy on a larger scale application.

Leading Edge has nothing but praise for this PVC-free banner material. Matthew continued: “The quality was fantastic, our prints remained vibrant and crisp with the Kavalan Gecko, and the available roll-widths made it a breeze to install full wall displays as a single-piece wallpaper.”

Now offering clients viable eco-solutions is fast becoming an integral part of Leading Edge’s business rationale.

Matthew concluded: “As we grow and learn, so do our clients. Throughout the past year increasing numbers of our largest clients have requested the use of greener solutions for their existing signage. Whether it is more eco-friendly wall coverings, sustainably engineered fibreboards for window displays, or plastic sheeting with recycled foam cores, we’re constantly finding more environmentally friendly substrates.

“The world is changing and thinking green will benefit everyone, which is why it will always be important to us here at Leading Edge.”

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