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Breaking barriers with LUMAIRE

Breaking barriers with LUMAIRE

One of the UK’s largest trade-only sign industry suppliers, Signfab has launched a new company to distribute LUMAIRE, its new flagship lighting system, which has been launched to fulfil the increasing demand from sign-buyers and designers for LED light panel products that offer both application flexibility and high-intensity, yet even light output.

According to LUMAIRE’s Marketing and Business Development Manager, Simon Berry, the product, which has been four years in development, has been specifically designed to provide a brighter, more appealing and profitable LED light panel for use by signmakers. He explained:  In the same way as fluorescent tubes once dominated the market, there has been a big move towards individual LED modules over recent years, but whilst LEDs are very flexible in terms of application, the high number of modules required to achieve even and bright lighting has lead to high costs and intensive fabrication, which is why light panels, such as LUMAIRE are so appealing.

He continued “We felt that there was a huge gap in the market for thinner illuminated signs, as when questioned, most sign buyers admitted that they would much prefer to use something that was sleeker, more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, but were deterred by the initial higher cost involved. Thus, we designed LUMAIRE, which although a high-end premium product, is more versatile and viable in terms of both ease of use and cost, when compared to similar products, to break through that barrier.”

He goes on to add that although when first introduced light panel products were most often the preserve of applications in high-end fashion boutiques and corporate interiors, they can also be used to excellent effect in all kinds of applications, such as POS and product displays, shelving, ceilings, wall panels, exhibition graphics and, in fact, anywhere a slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing lighting technology is preferable. He observed:  “Lightbox refurbishment is also another potential growth area.  For example, a tired looking fluorescent backed light box fascia sign can be given a new lease of life with LUMAIRE, which provides wonderfully bright and even illumination, while also considerably reducing running costs.  What’s more, fitting is very simple and straight forward, thus providing a huge opportunity for our trade customers to create a new revenue stream in a very competitive marketplace.”

LUMAIRE features a 6000k ‘Crisp Daylight’ colour ‘high-efficiency’ bar that has been engineered from 5mm acrylic sheet and finished with exclusive aluminium extruded end caps that double as the heat sink. LUMAIRE also features a ‘plug and play’ type connection for easy assembly and installation and finally, a reflective backing sheet.

Simon Berry continued: “Our attention to detail and quality carries right through the production process and even into the packaging, as our aim is for LUMAIRE to be regarded as a premium product, but without the drawback of a premium price tag. It works because all of its components have been formulated to work in tandem with each other.  The efficient LED colour strip and uniquely engineered acrylic sheet have been designed to have a diffuser sheet placed on top, so that a typical opal acrylic graphic carrier sheet further enhances the light transmission. In our own tests we discovered that the brightness was nearly double that of the leading brands of alternative light panels.”

For signmakers who want to test the efficacy of LUMAIRE for themselves, Signfab maintains that seeing is believing, which is why it can arrange for potential purchasers to see a demonstration on their own premises. To book this, e-mail: or for further information visit:

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