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Bright green wayfinding

Bright green wayfinding


Bright Green Technology, a leading provider of LED lighting for advertising and signage, has recently completed a large scale project at Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s new terminal.

kla2 -  example copyThe terminal, which opened in June 2013, is benefiting from more than 700 individual wayfinding signs, with LED backlighting specified and optimised by Surrey-headquartered Bright Green Technology. The signage has been specifically designed to be ‘no maintenance’ compared to traditional fluorescent tube lighting, thus perfectly reflecting the requirements of the busy, round-the-clock airport terminal.

In addition, Bright Green Technology has delivered an overall operating cost saving of 79 percent, thanks to fast installation and the reduced power consumption of the LED lighting over its lifetime.

Andy Clark, CEO of Bright Green Technology reported: “For us, airports are an important sector and a key area of growth, thanks to the predicted future increase in passenger air traffic.

“We have already worked with some of the largest international airports in the world, including London Heathrow in the UK and we are now well-versed in the unique requirements of these invaluable, 24 hour environments.”

Bright Green Technology has been helping airports enjoy the benefits of using LEDs to backlight their billboards for many years, ensuring that this important revenue producing advertising looks at its best, while also reducing costs and saving energy. Carrying these benefits over to airport wayfinding has thus been a natural progression.

The company, which has worked in some of the most iconic locations around the world, recently released a bulletin that breaks down the cost and energy advantages of LED backlighting, considers the implication of rising energy prices and concludes that LED backlit billboards offer cost savings of up to 66 percent compared to fluorescent alternatives.

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