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Brighter, faster, safer

Brighter, faster, safer


In collaboration with American business partner Jessup Manufacturing, INNOVA Solutions has introduced a new and improved safety way guidance system based on advanced photo-luminescence technology.

As with  Glo Brite 7535, the PSPA Class B product launched earlier in the year, Glo Brite 7555 is PSPA Class C rated and, together, they replace the existing 7520 and 7550 products.

Significantly, Glo Brite 7555 delivers a much higher level of photo-luminescent brightness, using the same technology that enables the storage of energy from ambient light sources and then re-emits this energy via signage that glows brightly in the dark. Similarly, the film requires no power source and therefore incurs no running costs. It is also totally reliable and ultra-efficient in application and will provide essential directional signage, even under conditions of total blackout or a smoke-filled environment.

SWGS3-webLike 7535, the new 7555 film incorporates the same cutting-edge development in HD surface technology using the latest and most innovative photo-luminescent pigments to produce a brighter afterglow in blackout conditions, as well as charging faster in ambient light.

Although these thin film constructions are ‘greener’ environmentally, they are much paler in colour and provide a better contrast to the print to improve legibility. They also provide greater flexibility in application, delivering sharper edge-definition and colour density and compatibility with virtually any printing process, as well as faster drying times to improve production efficiency.

Both products are available in a satin/matt finish and in a choice of self-adhesive rolls and sheets, rigid sheets and printed tapes. Conforming to all relevant international quality and performance standards, principally those that relate to product durability, flame, smoke and toxicity accreditations, the films are especially relevant to the transportation industry and marine and offshore environments.

Embodying all of the known benefits of Glo Brite photo-luminescent technology but now incorporating major new performance enhancements, the film is offered as a no additional cost option to existing customers.

For further information, contact Michael Thompson on Tel: 01282 867390 or e-mail

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