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CMYUK debuts the EFI VUTEk Pro 30h

CMYUK debuts the EFI VUTEk Pro 30h
CMYUK has taken delivery of the new EFI VUTEk Pro 30h at its demonstration and training centre in Shrewsbury, in order to provide UK customers with their first glimpse of this UV LED hybrid printer.

The Pro 30h further complements the EFI VUTEk portfolio, offering wide format 3.2m wide production at a highly competitive price point of £159,995, including delivery, warranty and installation.

The printer is designed to be ultra-productive and uses proven technological innovations found in EFI’s Reggiani textile printers, high-speed h-series and single-pass platforms. With ultra-quick set-up times and an infeed take-up system, the Pro 30h handles dual media rolls as well as continuous board printing, delivering 100 percent productivity by enabling boards to be printed back-to-back without stopping the printer carriage.

Like the EFI Reggiani, it uses a magnetic linear drive rather than a pulley system, thus ensuring a far quieter carriage, with less vibration to ensure consistent and precise ink dot placement. It also features dual monitors providing screen access for production control working at both the front and back of the press, increasing efficiency for the operative.

This printer also comes complete with XA inks, a new ink set, which following the drive for productivity, is available in large five-litre bottle sizes. These new inks can be used for both roll-to-roll and rigid applications as they are flexible and also adhere very well to rigid sheets. They are durable and resistant to finger marks and any contusions brought about by the stacking of rigid materials.

With its latest printing models, EFI has transitioned away from UV mercury ink curing to cold LEDs. This has a number of benefits, including low energy consumption, while curing with lower temperatures also offers the option of using the thinner, lighter, sustainable materials that could not previously be used with higher temperatures. Furthermore, unlike UV mercury lamps that need to be replaced every year, LEDs have a five-year lifespan.

Sue Hayward, CMYUK Sales Director (hardware), commented: “The Pro 30h is a versatile, high production printer that delivers a stunning range of benefits at such a competitive price point. This 3.2m wide hybrid model really complements the EFI wide-format range very nicely. It was designed to be a quality, high-speed production dynamo. It’s an impressive piece of equipment that combines several very successful elements of EFI VUTEk technology packaged into one printer. We’ve already had a number of customers enthusing over its feature set and anticipate that it will be a very strong contender in the market.”

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