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Colorpainters set the pace at Signcraft

Colorpainters set the pace at Signcraft


For more than 40 years, Signcraft has served the signage needs of the property sector from the former 19th century coach house in West Drayton, which it has transformed into a state of the art production facility.

Founded by husband and wife Bob and Berni Colwell, along with Phil Morgan, the company has grown steadily by providing a professional marketing board service to clients in the property sector and more recently, has also expanded its capabilities to deliver striking architectural signage, fascias and displays.

Bob Colwell explained: “We are a family business with a strong management ethic and an experienced team of sign designers and manufacturing and installation professionals that keeps pace with the latest technology while still adhering to traditional signmaking  skills.”

With the recent recession hitting the property market particularly hard, Signcraft has had to focus heavily on maintaining business by delivering quality at a competitive price.

Bob continues: “In the past, the property sector has sailed through recessions pretty much unharmed, but not this time and we have been forced to adapt in order to meet the challenge. We have developed a fast and responsive service based on quality and accuracy to ensure we deliver great value.”

In order to deliver this level of quality and service Signcraft has committed to continuously investing in the latest technology.

Bob remembers: “We have always embraced new technology and were one of the first companies in the property sector to offer full colour digital inkjet graphics when we purchased the original Seiko ColorPainter 64S printer in 2004. We quickly followed this with a second printer, a machine that is still operational today. However, the need for greater productivity encouraged us to reassess and we decided that the updated version of the ColorPainter 64S would be the ideal addition.”

Accordingly, Signcraft purchased its new Seiko II ColorPainter W-64s large format mild solvent inkjet printer from Colourgen reseller, City and West End Solutions in 2012. A 64″ wide printer that uses high viscosity inks and features a new piezo printhead, it has been developed by Seiko to deliver outstanding image quality without any loss of colour density. The improved dot pattern provides sharp, crisp images in all print modes and offers high quality production speeds up to 18sqmph.

The ColorPainters now complement Signcraft’s UV flatbed printers, which it uses for direct to board printing. “When we need really high quality image reproduction, we use the Seikos.” Reports Bob, adding: “We had got to a point where we needed more than the old 64S machines could offer and before reinvesting we looked at several machines at Sign & Digital UK and had a number of demos, but I always felt that the new Seiko would be in line with the quality, performance and reliability that the older machines had offered when they came out. So far I have been proven correct!”

He continues, “If you ask anybody what they want from a printer, they will tell you they need it to print right and work all the time and with the Seikos that’s exactly what get!”

The ColorPainters have also enabled Signcraft to add several applications to its solutions portfolio. As well as property boards, the company can now offer everything from printed wallpaper to large format signage, with Bob confirming:  “The ColorPainter makes quick work of any application that needs to be absolutely spot-on when it comes to quality and so when we do work for particularly exacting clients, such as the BBC, who subject the output to the closest possible scrutiny know that the image quality is going to come under the closest possible scrutiny, we know the Seikos won’t let us down!”

In conclusion, Bob Colwell said that he is looking forward to the capitalizing on the additional opportunities the new Seiko ColorPainter W-64s will provide for Signcraft. He confides: “We still deliver the standard property boards just as our clients want them, but the ColorPainters have enabled us to grow and develop our business in line with the needs of our customers. As well as boards, we can provide complete signage solutions for large public areas, such as shopping centres, producing shop fronts and all of the ancillary signage too. This has led to a lot more referral business and is certainly keeping us busy and profitable. We expect to add another printer to our lineup soon and we are fairly certain that will be another ColorPainter. For the money, it is untouchable.”


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