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Colorsonic puts quality at the forefront with a Nyala

Colorsonic puts quality at the forefront with a Nyala
As part of a long-term strategy to put quality at the heart of its business, Coloursonic has invested in a swissQprint Nyala large format printer, a move that has made a significant difference to the business.

Coloursonic took delivery of its new Nyala, which features the roll-to-roll option, in the autumn of 2021 whereupon it was immediately put to work. The London-based large-format creative production company was founded by husband-and-wife team Michaela and Paul Chandler who, for more than two decades, have produced large format graphics for a wide range of clients operating in London’s creative and cultural industries.

The Nyala has since replaced both a latex flatbed and a 3.2 m UV roll-to-roll printer. “The team love using it,” enthused Michaela. She went on to explain that switching from flatbed mode to roll to roll printing is quick and easy, with zero wastage, and the energy consumption is significantly lower, too. She said: “We love the Swiss precision! Everything about these machines is built to last. We no longer have to worry about expensive maintenance contracts or the machine breaking down.”

Coloursonic is known for its agility, and this was especially true during the early stages of the global pandemic when the Chandler’s engaged a business mentor to assist with strategic planning.

Michaela continued: “We wanted to make bespoke fine art printing more accessible, so one of the first things we did was to set up a web-to-print portal for the fine art side of the business, which opened the door for us to work with many more digital artists.”

The couple also revisited a 2019 project to upgrade its latex flatbed printer, only this time with something significantly better. “The research had already been done,” said Michaela. “It would have been easy to stick with the original plan and replace the flatbed with a newer model, but there was no long-term benefit to this way of thinking. That’s the sort of thinking our competitors indulge in. We wanted something that they didn’t have. We just didn’t know what that was.”

During this period the Chandler’s contacted swissQprint to request some samples. What they saw was enough to convince them to attend a demonstration and take the usual ‘challenging’ client files with them.

Paul takes up the story: “The results produced on the Nyala were stunning – even without calibration. The quality was amazing, and the creative possibilities seemed limitless – we didn’t need to be convinced that we wanted one!”

Located in upscale Maida Vale, just five minutes from the city centre, the area is home to a host of world-renowned artists, photographers, authors, poets, playwrights, actors, and musicians. Singers Björk, Noel Gallagher and Jarvis Cocker have all lived there. It is also home to the world-famous Abbey Road recording studios where the Beatles recorded their eponymous album.

“This part of London is like a magnet for creative people,” observed Michaela. “We never know who is going to come through the door. It could be anybody from the world of art and design, fashion, music, film, theatre, TV, cinema, and live events. No two days are the same.”

She concluded: “Now, it’s a nice feeling when you have a clear vision of what your future looks like. Having the Nyala has made an incredible difference to the business, even in the short time we have been using it and it’s already inspiring us to consider lots more new applications!”

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