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Since founding his company Render DC in 2007, Canadian artist Robert Ryan has been combining his knowledge of print and artistic skills with his passion for the great outdoors to create one-of-a-kind images that he sells to a diverse clientele, including professionals and commercial establishments, as well as other artists and photographers.

With a background in screenprinting, large format printing, photography and graphic design, Robert sells his finished images in galleries across Canada, as well as online. He also offers private showings in his Calgary, Alberta-based workshop, and his work can be seen throughout the country in many high-end restaurants, salons and offices. Robert also creates photo reproductions and reprints of other people’s work and helps prepare fellow artists for art shows by producing and finishing their artwork for them.

Robert is a keen fan of Drytac’s products. He explained: “I first came across Drytac in 1998 when I was in the silkscreen and sign businesses. I then rediscovered the products when I worked in a photo studio that did its own processing, mounting and printing. I quickly realised that Drytac products were of very good quality and have sought them out for my own personal prints and creative projects ever since.”


Robert has a very specific approach to creating his art. He continued: “Once taken, each photograph is printed onto different media to make the images stand out and glow. Some look great on metal, while others look better on a rough cotton paper or canvas with resin.”

Once the print work is complete, Robert chooses and builds frames to create stunning, unique artworks. Drytac’s Protac overlaminate film and its double-sided mounting adhesive are critical in the finishing of his artworks.

He said: “Print permanence, colour, detail and touch are the end objectives in a print. Drytac’s overlaminate film is outstanding as it imbues colours with greater vivacity, especially when mixed with metallic print media. I use it as a base for my epoxy work as it serves as a very thin piece of plexiglass that can be sanded and even coated with clear epoxy. Without this product my gallery work would not be the same. It has helped me sell my work – and often – at an increased price too.


“Additionally, the double-sided Drytac mounting adhesive is incredibly strong, yet flexible, which enables me to enhance the creative options in my work. I use it to laminate a multitude of substrates. It facilitates the bending of a substrate without separation and is suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures, thus ensuringa greater stability and longevity for my prints.”

Robert concluded: “I would definitely recommend Drytac products as there is a broad spectrum of productsin order to suit many types of mountings and laminations. Drytac has put a lot of effort into its research and development to establish a solid product line, which meets the needs of artists such as myself.”

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