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Convertors converge on Crewe

Convertors converge on Crewe

i-Sub Hybrid open day success 2Wide-format printer specialist i-Sub Digital recently hosted two successful Open Days at the Crewe Headquarters of Hybrid Services, which attracted representatives from over 30 companies.

Guests were treated to demonstrations of wide-format printing systems from Mimaki, including the new Mimaki JV400 SUV and i-Sub Digital’s innovative Digi-Foil system, with experts supplying all the facts on how these technology investments can be creatively used to boost business opportunities.

Digi-Foil is a groundbreaking system that facilitates the application of foils without the need for traditional dies and foil presses. Foil is applied only in the areas required, enabling the reproduction of text as small as four point and a dot size of just 0.3mm. Thus, by using Digi-Foil in conjunction with a desktop Mimaki UJF UV printer, sign and print companies can produce personalised decorative items or colour-accurate packaging prototypes in less than ten minutes with minimal waste – something that would previously have been impossible.

Further, the speed of production and accuracy of the process enables clients to see a variety of different packaging options at the first stage and to potentially sign off mock-ups on the same day, rather than decisions taking weeks or months.

As an existing user of the Mimaki UJF-6042, Richard Wildsmith, Operations Director at promotional merchandise specialist SPS, attended the Open Day specifically to see Digi-Foil in action and pronounced himself impressed! He said: “It’s dead easy to do and the demonstration proved that if you can print on it, then you can also foil it!”

i-Sub Hybrid open day success 2The Open Days also provided an opportunity for attendees to see the new Mimaki JV400-160 SUV wide-format printer, which was first unveiled at FESPA 2013.  This machine combines the bright, punchy colour and glossy finish of solvent ink with the abrasion resistance of UV inks and thus enables businesses to benefit from a wider colour gamut and greater substrate options, as the instantly dry print has an outdoor durability for three years plus, without the need for lamination.

Reporting on the events, Andy Spreag, Director, i-Sub Digital. Said: “The Open Days were a great success, with wide-format print businesses, design houses and packaging producers coming to Crewe from all over the UK.”

He added: “Events like this provide those who attend with the opportunity for a one-on-one demonstration of the machines available, plus a chance to glean all the information they need to help them achieve their maximum potential, something that rarely happens at trade shows.”

Other attractions at the events included the Zünd S3 digital cutting table, which was shown cutting and creasing polypropylene, routing Foamex, cutting display card and creating packaging products all of which were first printed on the Mimaki JFX500.

Further Open Days with Mimaki UK and Ireland distributor Hybrid Services are part of a series of events planned by i-Sub Digital, during  2014, in addition to selected trade shows.


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