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Could you have the Product of the Year?

Could you have the Product of the Year?

Do you have a new product or service, launched to the sign industry in the UK over the past year? If so, you could be in line for the Product of the Year accolade at this year’s British Sign Awards.

The award, which is supported by Sign Directions Online, is designed to recognise innovations and developments industry.

Every year, hundreds of new products are launched into the sign and display sector, some of which are designed to help simplify a process that was previously labour intensive, while others have been developed to enable signmakers to open up new revenue streams, offer greatly enhanced services, and economic or green advantages.

The ‘Product of the Year Award’ will go to the product (machine, material, component, technology, service etc.) that will make the greatest impact on the industry. Every signmaker member of ISA-UK (formerly BSGA) is invited to vote for this award.

Winning the award – or being shortlisted – will give a massive boost to any product marketing campaign, but time for entering is running out – the deadline is September 13th.

Previous winners have included DMA Signs for its Chiron monolith systems (pictured above), Button-fix, Sky Siren by Nationwide Platforms and Nova Skin by Nova Aluminium.

UK-based manufacturers and suppliers (of new products from both the UK and overseas) are invited to enter their own product innovations for the award. In addition, the award organisers will also be asking industry experts to nominate products for this award.

Full details of the award and entry forms can be found at

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