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Cutter Control gets an upgrade

Cutter Control gets an upgrade


Summa’s invaluable Cutter Control software program, which enables users to control all of the parameters of the cutter from their computer, now features a stylish and user-friendly new design. 

Following the integration of the new Camera Control System,all of Summa’s S Class 2 CAM units can now read the Summa postnet barcode, thus facilitating automated workflow. While in the past OPOS CAM was mainly promoted for sheet application, today it offers an alternative for OPOS X on every contour job, making it the fastest system in its class.

The new version replicates the style of Axis Controlfeatured on Summa’s FSeries tables, as well as offering some further innovations, such as the automatic scanning of the network for Summa devices to aid a speedy set-up.  In addition, the fileserver has been integrated with the barcode server, which can be used to manage up to eight cutters at any one time.

In order to optimise the use of the F1612’s flatbed, Summa engineers have developed a functional roll-up system that is suitable for use with any kind of flexible roll material, up to 165cm wide and weighing up to 50kg.

This roll-up facility can be fitted or retrofitted to all of Summa’s flatbed cutters by an authorised Summa technician once the machine’s software has been similarly upgraded to include Axis Control to version 3.12 and the firmware to version 17.

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