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Daisy does décor

Daisy does décor

What does a sign company do when it has the skills and resources to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the décor sector but needs a little artistic inspiration?  It collaborates with someone like Daisy Fletcher, the talented illustrator who is responsible for this month’s cover and who is looking for new mediums in which to further express her creativity.  Val Hirst reports

As a highly respected illustrator who has already worked with clients such as Sony Records and leading fashion house Christian Dior, as well as a publications such as Creative Review and Esquire, Daisy Fletcher is now seeking new and ever more challenging locations in which to unleash her unashamedly girly and slightly surreal designs. And, luckily for us, her restless artistic spirit has recently alighted on the décor sector.

With a life-long love of drawing, it was no surprise when Daisy decided to pursue a career in art, which began with a degree course in illustration at the University of Brighton, where she graduated with a First Class Honours degree, followed by a Masters Degree in Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art.  It was during her time at the RCA that Daisy gained the confidence to really develop her own inimitable style, drawings which cleverly combine oversized flowers, fantastic birds and insects and mysterious females to produce intricately beautiful, yet thought provoking artworks. Many of these have already been used to excellent effect on commissions ranging from the collection of poems by Vladimir Nabokov, recently published by Penguin Books, Finish bank Op’s Visa card and T-shirts from Des Artistes, the hip and eco-conscious line of conceptual tees.

Driven by both the level of success her illustrations have achieved and the excitement of seeing her work gracing everything from book covers, to magazine articles, product labelling to album sleeves, Daisy is now eager to further broaden her horizons to encompass the whole spectrum of decorative effects and has thus sensibly decided to harness all the technology currently available to help enhance both her reputation and appeal, whilst also funding her undeniable vision.

Initially inspired by both the wall mural that she co-created with artist Jessica Pillings for a private house in south west London and the possibilities offered by digital printing technologies, plus the new generation of wallpapers and textiles, Daisy pronounces herself to be: ‘very excited’ by the opportunities they provide to help her showcase her talent in a wider variety of domestic and commercial settings.

When first preparing to venture into this new market she began to visualise how her designs could be adapted to produce a range of wall decals, to be sold from her website, which already offers a range of limited edition prints and greetings cards, but somewhere along the way she has became more and more enamoured with the whole concept of influencing the production of moreimaginative alternatives to the rather pedestrian shape and colour combos that have become the mainstay of a lot of decorative projects.

And in this she has something, because it is easy to see how some of the fantastic designs featured here could easily be used to gloriously enhance the average fashion emporium, boutique hotel, beauty salon, or florist, giving it a fresh new vibe in the process.

Daisy says: “The opportunity to produce truly bespoke designs that add a new dimension to both home, retail and corporate interiors is really thrilling, which is why I’d welcome the opportunity to work more closely with a digital print company, so that I could learn more about the technology, while in turn, hopefully inspiring them to become more adventurous!”

She is also hatching a plan to offer decal kits that would enable sign and display companies to reproduce her designs in a labour efficient and cost effective way, something that could perhaps be more easily achievable if she worked in tandem with a materials supplier.

Meanwhile Daisy encourages other artists and designers to form similar allegiances, observing: “I think there are many illustrators who would welcome the challenge of mastering a new medium, while also discovering the realities of the commercial world and learning to refine their work accordingly.  Sometimes one of the greatest challenges an artist faces is the multiplicity of ideas. Having tighter parameters really forces you to focus and the end product is often more effective as a result.”

And, as the décor sector continues to grow and provide lucrative new revenue streams, perhaps it’s time for sign and print companies to find their own Daisy, so that they can beguile clients with the promise of uniquely beautiful and captivating decorative effects, which may well also turn out to be valuable collector’s items in their own right, sometime in the future!


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