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Design delivers

Design delivers

Vehicle wraps are supposed to turn heads, so it’s no accident that the latest wrap by J. Cody Signs of Grimsby does just that and more thanks to some novel use of modern media.

A quick look at the wrap might prompt you to ask: ‘Where’s the “L? as ‘Heath” and Hygiene’ has the ring of a mistake about it and automatically forces a quick double-take from all that view it. Fear not though, the moniker is actually spot-on and it’s the property of a client referred to J. Cody Signs by a local designer who was seeking to elevate the profile of his customer’s carpet cleaning business.

The design starts with a total coverage of matt black onto which contrasting elements in contour-cut and printed MetaWrap MD-X are expertly applied. The contrast in textures and colours really makes the key design elements ‘pop’by simulating the effect normally achieved whenspot-varnish is used on a quality paper-print job.

Having created such a potent graphic, J. Cody signs resisted the temptation to go overboard, with the result that the van works as a whole and provides the customer with an eye-catching mobile advertisement, that not only distinguishes it from its competitors, but also makes it stand out amongst any group of vehicles.

The wrap’s supply chain is as different as the wrap itself. The company that financed the purchase of the van also financed the wrap, thus adding the client extra value, while also providing J. Cody Signs with another advocate out there in the market place!

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