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Dotty PET is strong, easy to use and green

Dotty PET is strong, easy to use and green

 Guandong has introduced an exclusive self-adhesive film that combines strength and ease-of-use, with respect for the environment 

 PET, the acronym for polyethylene terephthalate, is more commonly known as polyester and for being used to make mineral water bottles. In the past, this material, in the form of biaxial film, was used for a much wider range of products, including film reels, photographic film, x-rays and printing, for which its exceptional dimensional stability was an essential characteristic.

Today, with the advent of digital technology, some of these applications have fallen into disuse, yet biaxially-oriented PET preserves its qualities. The Guandong research and development department has used its experience and knowledge to adapt this material’s exceptional performance to the world of visual communications, by combining PET with the technology of glue dot coatings. The result is Dotty PET, a new product that further expands the Guandong range of Spot Déco, its new concept for in-store communication.

Dotty PET is a next generation self-adhesive film that combines complete resistance to thermal shock with ease of application on any surface, including glass, wood, metal and walls. Indeed, thanks to its characteristics, it doesn’t warp or shrink, while the glue dots on the reverse make it easy and quick to apply, without creases or air bubbles.

It is available in white matt and clear gloss options and is resistant to temperatures between -98°C and +160°C, which means that it can be used in conjunction with laser, Latex and UV printing technologies.

Moreover, Dotty PET respects the environment, because it is made with the best possible plastic for recycling. In fact, companies can reduce disposal costs significantly, thanks to the lower energy consumption of recycling plants.

Fabio Elmi, Guandong’s Marketing Director, said: “Our research and development department is constantly engaged in the study and development of exclusive products, with the aim of anticipating the needs of a market that is increasingly projected toward smart, durable and environmentally friendly solutions. Dotty PET is yet another product of our expertise in nanotechnology, and its unique characteristics mark the end of difficult to remove coatings, which warp or present unsightly cracks over time, for applications that go beyond in-store promotion”.

Dotty PET is ideal for coating the inside of windows and for window decorations, which are often exposed to considerable fluctuations in temperature for prolonged periods of time.

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