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Durst and Four Pees team-up for software integration

Durst and Four Pees team-up for software integration
Durst Group has selected Four Pees as a key integration partner for the Durst Software & Solutions division. In this position, Four Pees will assist Durst to implement its Pixel to Output strategy and integrate its software solutions, such as Durst Workflow or Durst Smart Shop, for its clients.

Durst Group founded the Durst Software & Solutions division in 2019 with a team of over 60 people to provide intelligent and straightforward software solutions to streamline the complete print process. They consist of Durst LIFT ERP, a cloud-based ERP/MIS system, Durst Smart Shop, a comprehensive premium e-commerce solution for customisable print products, and Durst Workflow, a high-end solution for fully automated management of prepress and production tasks. The solutions are tailored for digital printing and offer a 360-degree approach for optimising printing processes in a mixed-vendor production environment.

Michael Deflorian, Business Unit Manager at Durst Software & Solutions, said: “Durst is known for quality, both in hardware and now with Durst Software & Solutions in the area of print automation software. We wanted to serve our customers even better in the areas of consultancy and integration and make our product portfolio easily accessible. We started looking for an experienced integration partner in Europe, and Four Pees quickly appeared on our radar. It has its finger on the pulse of the global printing industry and a proven track record in delivering complex automation projects. Happily, when we started talking to each other, we also found that we were very complementary to each other in the way we work.”

Tom Peire, CEO at Four Pees, said: “For nearly fifteen years now, we have helped to automate print-process around the world at big and small companies. With an increased focus on integration services and an expanded team, this new partnership with the Durst Software & Solutions division is the next step in our growth story. Its vision from pixel to output perfectly aligns with our vision of implementing automation from A to Z. We look forward to working with the different regional Durst teams to help printing companies get the best out of their print production.”

 To dive deeper into this, Four Pees will be organising a Four Pees Café on their new partnership and Durst’s 360 approach to print automation on 05/05/2022. Click here to register for this webinar.

For further information on the Durst print production portfolio, visit:

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