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Durst partners with Brixen Water Light Festival

Durst partners with Brixen Water Light Festival

 Following the success of last year’s edition, the Brixen Water Light Festival will once again take place in May 2020, when it will be partnered by Durst, which has its manufacturing headquarters in Brixen.

Colour and light are not the only affinities between the festival and the company. Durst, a family business with an 80-year history, majors on its innovative strength, sustainability and quality, characteristics that it shares with the festival. Thus, both partners are equally committed to spreading a respectful awareness of the sustainable use of natural resources and aim to influence environmentally friendly consumer behaviour.

Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of the Durst Group commented: “We aim to practise responsible entrepreneurship at the Brixen site and, in the same way, our goal is to digitise production technologies around the world so that we can help to reduce the water and energy used during manufacturing processes.. As a partner of this year’s Water Light Festival, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our own handling of natural resources, while at the same time promoting the positive actions and industrial developments that result from it.”

Now in its fourth edition, the event will expand geographically this year. For example, this year light art installations will also be shown at water locations in the old town of Klausen, the Fortress of Franzensfeste and the Engelsburg of Neustift Monastery. While in Brixen, Klausen and Franzensfeste the installations will be switched on between 9pm and midnight, the show in the Engelsburg will be open to visitors during the day.

In addition, artists of different origin, education and nationality will take part in the festival and show works that highlight the two natural elements of water and light. For 24 evenings, “Water is life – light is art” will serve as the central theme of this unique festival, which will once again draw attention to how beautiful, precious and, at the same time, fragile the world we live in has become.

Stefanie Prieth of Brixen Tourismus and the Festival’s Project Manager, commented: “We will focus on the city’s special features and the valuable corners that are often overlooked. Light art and contemporary art will combine in this festival to complement each other”.

The Brixen Water Light Festival powered by Durst is part of the official network of the World Water Day on 22nd March and, as a member of UNESCO’s International Day of Light on 16th May, the festival is one of the initiatives that aim to highlight the importance of water and the constant appreciation of light.

Admission to the event is free and in order to encourage visitors to leave their cars at home and travel to Brixen by train, the festival has resumed its cooperation with Deutsche Bahn to offer preferential ticketing rates.

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