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Essential reading for router owners

Essential reading for router owners

Cutter quality represents a key determining factor in getting marketable output from any router and Complete CNC Solutions offers one of the biggest and most versatile cutter ranges available anywhere. 

To simplify cutter selection and help router owners get more from their systems, Complete CNC Solutions has published a new catalogue and cutter guide, which is available now.

Complete CNC Solutions advocates a systemised approach to selecting, using and retiring cutters. At its heart is a selection of cutters specifically targeted at popular sign and graphics manufacturing materials. Rather than deliver average results across a generalised range of material types, Complete CNC Solutions’ cutters are a little more narrowly talented but deliver exceptional output needing little or no further finishing and remarkable durability.

The new catalogue fully details the cutters currently available and explains the background capability and scope of use of each. The selection is not found wanting. There’s a cutter for every routable material available in a whole range of sizes to suit the application.

Complete CNC Solutions also offers router users a range of matched collets to suit its cutters at surprisingly affordable prices. The collets are designed to offer exceptional and secure tool holding and the benchmark setting concentricity needed to get the best from each and every cutter.

Complete CNC Solutions also points out that opening an account is fast and very easy and that it operates a next working day service supplying cutters in small and large volumes.

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