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Expanded range of LED sign illumination systems from Majert

Expanded range of LED sign illumination systems from Majert
Since 1999, Majert has played a pioneering role in the advancement of LED lighting technology as a viable and more cost-effective alternative to traditional fluorescent and neon tube systems.

Based in Essen, Germany, the company has expanded rapidly in the UK and Continental Europe, with the Chiplite range of LED lighting modules now a preferred choice of many leading sign manufacturers. This is founded on the company’s acknowledged technical proficiency, reliability and compliance with all relevant international safety and environmental requirements.

Chiplite LED modules have individual design characteristics and levels of performance, contingent upon module type and nature of the application for which they are to be used. Significantly, they also share important performance ratings that meet all relevant international standards. For example, all Chiplite modules carry RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certification and are CE-rated in accordance with BS/EN 5015. They are also IP65-rated to BS/EN 60529.

The Chiplite LED modules range provides a wide choice of size, levels of luminous flux, power requirements and colour permutations. Collectively, these enable the availability of a LED solution for every conceivable sign illumination application.

The latest Chiplite LED lighting solutions cover over 20 different products, including the new 24V and RGBW modules. They also include the latest and most powerful CL-EL6 module that provides a huge luminous flux of 540 lumens. These are supplemented with three variants of the Neon-Flex product (Curved, Flat and the new EASY module). This latter module faithfully replicates the brilliant effects of neon but at a fraction of the cost. Available in a choice of 12 different colours, the product is supplied mounted on a clear acrylic carrier for ease of installation.

All Chiplite LED lighting products, including full technical data, can be viewed on the company’s English language website (

For further information and to request a brochure, e-mail or UK sales manager Russell Watkins (e-mail:


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