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Four easy pieces

Four easy pieces

Entering the digital signage network arena for the first time can be a daunting prospect for many sign companies, which is why Vink is aiming to simplifying the whole process from start to finish.  Val Hirst talks to Vink’s Dave Foreman about the company’s newly introduced digital signage programme

With its strong track record of specifying and supplying LED lighting for sign and display applications, it is no surprise that Vink has now entered the digital signage marketplace, a move that it sees as a logical progression, if it is to keep pace with the continuously evolving signage sector and which is well supported by its manufacturing partners, with whom it enjoys close technical collaboration.

Vink’s new range of high quality digital signage products has been assembled to enable the company to develop easy to apply, pre-integrated solutions, thus enabling signmakers to enter the digital arena without the risks normally associated when embracing a new technology.

Explaining the company’s digital signage philosophy, Dave Foreman says: “We are very privileged to work with leading global manufacturing businesses, such as Osram, Philips and LG, as well as dynamic SMEs, including Peerless AV and Vuenti who are pioneering new innovations in digital signage. We see our role as providing the ‘mortar between the bricks’ in each solution we provide, thus combining the most appropriate components from our manufacturing partners, into cohesive systems that our customers can use with confidence.”

Vink’s digital signage product range covers internal and external applications, embracing everything from stand-alone displays, to networked multi-site programmes and from standard monitors and displays, to large format LED panels and video walls.

Monitors and Displays

Recognising that the most important component in any visual system is the part that can be seen, Vink has invested significant time and resources into understanding the differences in quality of the different displays and monitors available and how each performs in a given application.

Attention has also been focused on providing products to suit a variety of different budgets. A key consideration in the specification of monitors is the duration of operation required. For example, monitors offering 24 hour, seven day a week visibility may not be required in some applications. In these cases, by specifying a monitor with a less demanding rating, significant savings can be made.

Operating temperature range is another factor to be considered. A monitor placed in a shop window may be subject to very high temperatures and may suffer ‘black spots’ where the image is lost. Vink offers the products and expertise to ensure that this kind of issue is avoided.

Where large displays are required, Vink has a number of solutions to suit different locations. For internal applications, the company offers LED monitors up to 72’’ screen size, as well as the latest video wall systems, using monitors with ultra-thin bezels for uninterrupted images across multiple screens. For very large external applications, Vink can provide solutions featuring Osram’s Traxon LED walls, which can be made up of multiple modular units, in different sizes and configurations, to provide the very large displays that are suitable for viewing from hundreds of metres away.

Media Players

Vink will also be offering a range of media players so the most appropriate unit can be specified for each application. A range of media PCs will be available, pre-installed with Vuenti’s Wallflower software, which can be used to network and control any number of screens from one central location.

Another Vink option for single screen solutions, Philip’s android-based Upp! Software, can be used as a ‘plug and play’ option that can be easily set up to display the customer’s requirements.


Software is the driver behind any on-screen image or presentation, so it’s crucial to the success of any digital signage or display solution.  Vink is offering Vuenti’s well-established Wallflower software, which is used worldwide to deliver digital signage in a range of applications.  Dave Foreman observes: “We chose the Wallflower software for its very clear and intuitive user interface. Getting into digital signage may initially present quite a steep learning curve for many of our customers, so we wanted software that enables easy ‘drag and drop’ style programming and menu-driven commands that would feel familiar to anyone who’s used a PC.”

Vink claims that Wallflower software is equally suitable for use with single-screen installations or networks with thousands of displays and is cost-effective and reliable whatever the scale of the application.

Mounting solutions

To facilitate this aspect of digital signage, Vink has formed a partnership with Peerless AV, an industry-leading manufacturer of mounting solutions for displays and video walls. Founded in 1941, Peerless developed its first ever line of TV mounts in 1964 and has continued to lead the way in innovation in this sector ever since. Working closely with Peerless, Vink will be able to offer high quality mounts for a wide range of LCD screens for many different application types, from single indoor displays, to large format outdoor rated enclosures and bespoke video wall solutions.

Summing up Vink’s Digital Signage programme, Dave Foreman concludes:  “We’ve chosen carefully to offer a digital signage range that will meet different needs in terms of budget and functionality, without compromising quality. Above all, we believe that the time we’ve invested in understanding the technology will pay dividends in the level of application and specification support we can provide.”

Vink can advise on all aspects of digital signage and can provide detailed technical proposals outlining initial capital investment and projected running costs.


For further information about Vink Digital Signage, contact Vink Lighting Solutions on Tel: 01902 409205 or visit: www.

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