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GraphicArtz expands its horizons with the Elitron Spark

GraphicArtz expands its horizons with the Elitron Spark

Bedfordshire based GraphicArtz, is a small printing and sign making business that was founded In September 2018 by Kenny Harper and Virginia Kairiene.

Originally resorting to cutting by hand or outsourcing, Kenny and Virginia wanted to improve quality, increase output and process a wider range of materials. Thus, Kenny sought the advice of Allan Ashman, Managing Director of Atech, the UK distributor for the Elitron Spark Automatic Cutting System.

Kenny explained: “Allan gave me an honest evaluation of the Spark, so I knew just what to expect and happily, my expectations have been fully met. I did consider another cutting system, but I believe the Spark is the best machine we could have bought for our budget.”

The Elitron Spark was delivered in October 2019; and installation was completed in two days, followed by three days of training, both of which, according to Kenny, were carried out in a seamless and very professional way.

He continued: “When the Elitron Spark was installed the Atech team went to great lengths to ensure the machine was in the best possible position and once the machine was in the place, it was accurately levelled to ensure that the cutting surface was set perfectly. I’ve been involved with other cutting table installations before and have not seen a team deliver anything like this level of accuracy. The installation was quick and, within a few days of its arrival, the Spark was up and running and we began training. After another few days we were using the machine on our own to cut live jobs, while Atech still kept a watchful eye”.

The new Spark is a compact conveyorised cutting system, with a roll handling capability and a working area of 1.9 x 1.6m, which features a camera to read registration marks, together with a multi-tool head capable of handling four tools simultaneously. These can include an oscillating knife (either electric or pneumatic), router, creasing wheels, kiss-cut, V-cut (45°), circular knife, pen module and laser pointer.

Kenny reported that his operators are very pleased with the system. He said: “The Elitron Spark itself is very easy to use and simple to maintain and, after a few days training, the software side of the package became equally comprehensible.”

He added, “We are now finishing jobs in house. For example, we have the router option that enables us to accurately cut acrylic and aluminum composite material to shape, while the creasing wheel option has allowed us to produce packaging items that we couldn’t have previously considered. This, in turn, has dramatically reduced production costs”.

Kenny highly recommends both Atech and Elitron. He concluded: “We hope that, as we grow as a business, we will be in a position to purchase a second Elitron Spark or perhaps a larger cutting table from the Elitron range. I’ve known Atech for many years and it has proved to be an excellent business partner. With Atech it’s not just about the sale of a machine or what it costs, but more about always delivering the best level of support possible”.

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