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Ilford pushes onwards

Ilford pushes onwards

The management of ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH has formulated a plan that will take the company forward following its recent financial difficulties.

The Management Team, namely Paul Willems, Chief Executive Officer and Jean-Marc Metrailler, Chief Financial Officer, has acquired the ILFORD Imaging and ILFORD Property companies, thus enabling a significant part of the land owned by ILFORD Property to be sold and sold and the proceeds to be invested into the ILFORD Imaging business. This investment will provide the Management with the necessary funding to execute the strategic business plan.

In addition, JetGraph has committed to enter into the share capital of the company in partnership with the Management Team. JetGraph has been a strong distribution partner in the Japanese and Chinese markets for many years and thus brings extensive market knowledge and customer access in key growth areas.

Despite the reduction of its workforce by 40 percent worldwide ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH has continued to trade through its financial difficulties and does not anticipate any issues in the supply of its core products, including both GALERIE and OMNIJET to the marketplace. There are also plans to introduce new products into both brands, including NanoSolvent and AquaBlock into the OMNIJET range.

In a separate development, the company has also announced that it has secured a technology partnership with Lintec Sign Systems that will result in the latest coating technologies offered by ILFORD being applied to a range of bases manufactured by Lintec, with the products being made available on a global basis under the Lintec brand.


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