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Improvement leads to greater performance

Improvement leads to greater performance

Following a preliminary roll-out of the Seiko 508GS printhead with nozzle guard earlier this year, Hollanders Printing Systems has announced that the latest revision is to be included in all of its future ColorBooster XL installations, as well as being available as an option for its existing user base of machines.

Hollanders-Nozzle-Guard-copyThis new head features a stainless steel cap to protect the anti-wetting layer of the nozzle plate from deterioration during operation and cleaning cycles.

In-line with the adoption of the new printhead, Hollanders has also introduced a capping station that includes a nozzle plate cleaning system with fluid flush and soft wipers. All ColorBooster XL 320 systems will be upgraded to incorporate this modification as an integrated element of the printhead maintenance solution that extends the current life cycle.

When used in combination with the new capping station with integrated cleaning system, the warranty will be extended on the printheads with nozzle guards, a policy which is backed fully by the head manufacturer. Hollanders recommends that the capping station upgrade is carried out as part of the standard periodical pre-planned maintenance visits.

Hollanders-Capping-Station-copy“Attention to detail with printhead performance and the option to offer improvements to our customer base is of vital importance when ensuring our users get optimum reliability from the ColorBooster XL systems,” explained Roland Biemans, Marketing and Communications Manager at Hollanders Printing Systems. “The capping station and printhead change might appear to be relatively minor elements in the overall machine, but all key parts that are upgraded must be acknowledged and factored in as a benefit for the increased life and easier maintenance of the printer.”

Revisions to all Hollanders solutions are part of the company’s ongoing policy of ensuring that a fully integrated and upgraded platform is offered to its customers. This facility is being extended with the expansion of the engineering team that complements the increased investment in resources and continued growth of its Competence Center.


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