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Innotech launches the ultimate eco-friendly fabric

Innotech launches the ultimate eco-friendly fabric

Innotech, the supplier of display hardware and wide and grand format print materials, has launched Vertex Marine, the latest addition to its ever-expanding range of eco-friendly materials.

Vertex Marine is a 100 percent polyester fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles and thus efficiently conserves natural resources and reduces the burden of single-use plastics on the environment, including the oceans and marine life.

The recycling process involves taking bottles that have been processed into compacted bales and using super vibration to separate them. Any labels are then removed by friction methods before crushing the remaining PET into flakes, which are then washed until they are totally clean. The flakes are then transformed into pellets that are melted, extruded and spun into polyester yarn, which in turn, is woven into Vertex Marine.

Commenting on the introduction of this new product,Kieran Dallow, Marketing Manager at Innotech said: “We are extremely excited to be able to offer such a forward-thinking product to the print sector secure in the knowledge that we are also offering a material that protects our oceans’ eco-systems.”

He continued: “To put this into perspective, one roll of 3.2m x 100m Vertex Marine material uses just under 4,000 plastic bottles, which otherwise could have made their way into the sea.”

This is all done without losing any of the qualities of virgin polyester yarns, with the finished fabric providing the perfect medium for digital printing whether using dye-sublimation, UV or Latex printing technologies.

Ideal for use in display applications, Vertex Marine can be used to produce promotional tablecloths, tube display backdrops, such as lnnotech’s TEXstyle Straight system or in other frontlit applications.

It is currently available in 3.2m widths and free A4 samples are available on request.

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