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Inprint Colour guarantees reliability with a Ricoh printer

Inprint Colour guarantees reliability with a Ricoh printer
Yorkshirebased print service provider Inprint Colour has offered an insight into how its pre-pandemic purchase of a Ricoh PRO-TF6250 Series UV flatbed printer subsequently allowed it to keep up with a huge spike in demand for its sign production services in 2020 – and will also serve as a platform for continued success in 2021.

Installed in 2019, the Ricoh PRO-TF6250 has become a hugely important part of the Inprint Colour production setup, with the flexible printer having been put to work on a wide range of new jobs.

Previously, Inprint Colour had been limited as to the types of substrates it could print on, but the Ricoh PRO-TF6250’s ability to handle a wide gamut of materials has opened up a host of markets to the company.

Lee Coulson, Director of Inprint Colour, said this expanded service offering was particularly useful over the past 12 months, when the company saw a massive increase in demand for its signage work, partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We invested in the Ricoh flatbed large-format machine as we needed a device that could print on varied media types,” Coulson explained and continued: “Thanks to its flexibility in terms of substrates, we’ve opened up new business streams, including the supply of more and more Covid-19 signage.

“We have used Ricoh digital machines for the last eight years. We’ve always been impressed with the quality of the printers and the service back up provided by Ricoh, so it was a natural choice to stick with Ricoh when we needed a new machine.”

Aside from the core benefit of being able to offer a wider range of services to customers, Coulson said the Ricoh PRO-TF6250 has also allowed Inprint Colour to increase its pace of production to speeds it has never experienced before.

Reliability is also a key factor, revealed Coulson: “For us, using a Ricoh printer of any kind always means you can guarantee reliability; we are a long-term user of Ricoh’s printers for this exact reason.”

Coulson added that Inprint Colour is aiming to build on the success it has enjoyed with the Ricoh PRO-TF6250 by making the printer the driving force behind its expansion plans for 2021, which include an extension to its production building to house a new die-cutting machine.

He concluded: “The goal for 2021 is to build on what we achieved in 2020; with the Ricoh machine having already proved its incredible speed and reliability, we’re excited to see just how far we can progress.”

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