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An integrated solution from Fairfield

An integrated solution from Fairfield

Signware Solutions is an integrated sign and display innovation introduced by Fairfield Displays that embraces signage, banner and graphics presentation in a single solution. It is based on aluminium profiles designed to house a wide range of commonly used substrates.

AnoFrame is a range of profiles that can be used to create flat wall-mounted or projecting (up to 300mm) box signs and displays. The profiles can be provided in customised sizes or alternatively supplied with accessories in a length of three metres for on-site assembly and customisation. Multiple profiles can also be supplied to create directories, menu displays, a variety of sign formats and decorative collages that have become increasingly popular. The frames can be supplied with either mitred or ‘push in’ square corners.

AnoSky Boxes are three-dimensional frame profiles that can be suspended from a ceiling or wall-mounted. They are supplied with a range of clips that support the cables that can be easily fixed to the ceiling, particularly those with a high elevation.

Both systems will accommodate a wide range of sign and display materials.

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