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ITC Introduces New Folding Tools for use with Dibond

ITC Introduces New Folding Tools for use with Dibond
 For signmakers that process Dibond, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now expanded its range of Dibond folding tools with a new arrival. Adding to the existing folding tool series, the Tamworth-based manufacturer has introduced a helical flute Dibond folding tool. 

The new helical flute design complements the existing Dibond folding tool that is capable of folding Dibond and similar aluminium composite materials typically up to 5mm thick. The new helical flute tool has been developed with an extremely rigid tool body that allows the user to increase cutting speeds and feeds considerably. Adding to this, the helical flute design removes material from the component more efficiently with a smooth cutting action and its increased stability and rigidity of the helical flute tool combines with the cutting geometry to maximise material removal.

This new Dibond folding tool features a 10mm diameter with a precision shank diameter of 6mm with a 3mm wide flat, together with an inclusive angle of 90° that is precision ground to ensure perfect folding of all components. It also has an overall length of 76mm and this incorporates a significant shank length that provides sufficient clamping area for collets and chucks. Manufactured from a micro-grain solid carbide composition, it offers excellent performance characteristics coupled with reliably long tool life.

For manufacturers that require standard or special Dibond folding tools, the existing range of straight flute tools is available with either a 90° or 135° inclusive angle with a 3mm flat. The existing product line of straight flute folding tools is available in metric and imperial dimensions.

With a team of engineering experts that are supported by a UK manufacturing facility, ITC can manufacture folding tools to customers’ exact specifications. This service offers a choice of alternative angles, varying flat sizes and shank diameters and lengths to suit individual routing applications and machine type.

To discover how ITC can improve the performance of any folding processes, whether Dibond, ACM, or any other type of material, customers should contact their local representative.

For further information on ITC’s complete tooling range, visit:


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