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ITC offers a new route for composite machining

ITC offers a new route for composite machining
Designed for the machining of challenging materials such as glass fibre composites and carbon fibre composites, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now introduced its new 9001 series of multi-flute routers.

The new solid carbide 9001 Series from ITC has a multi-flute right-hand cutting design that efficiently removes material whilst reducing the potential for de-lamination. The innovative geometry also incorporates a plunge cutting edge that enables customers to apply this new series for a multitude of applications.

Depending upon the materials being machined and the application, the 9001 Series is also available with a diamond coating to enhance tool life and performance when cutting the most abrasive and challenging of material types. Glass and carbon fibre composite materials are inherently difficult to machine and the combination of the innovative multi-flute geometry and the diamond coating that is added to the solid carbide tools provides performance enhancements that make this new introduction the industry benchmark.

The 9001 Series is available in diameters three, six, eight, 10 and 12mm with an overall length of 64, 75 and 100mm. To enhance the rigidity and performance of the 9001 series, ITC has optimised the new routing tools with an overall length of cut that ranges from 20 to 40mm depending upon the diameter selected.

For further information of the new 9001 series of routing tools from ITC, contact a local ITC representative, e-mail or visit:








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